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cvr9781471113291_9781471113291_hrAlligator Blood
Daniel Tzvetkoff was just another Brisbane teenager working for peanuts at Pizza Hut. That is until he discovered the lucrative world of payment processing for online poker companies. Soon the Australian whiz-kid was living the American dream raking in as much as $3m a week! Revelling in his jet set lifestyle of fast cars, luxury yachts and VIP nightclubs, he embarked on an epic rollercoaster of champagne fuelled excess which mirrored that of the extraordinary world of online poker, where hot shot college students won millions from the confines of their dorms, and fortunes were won or lost in seconds.

However, Tzvetkoff’s move to the neon splattered under world of Las Vegas would soon see him facing the abyss. Owing millions to the poker companies, and with the FBI hot on his trail, the tarnished boy wonder needed to pull an ace from his sleeve to keep from busting out. And when he did, it resulted in a day that sent a seismic shock through the world of online poker and saw him take the blame.

duncan-edwards-the-greatest-hardback--675-pDuncan Edwards – The Greatest
One of the greatest players of all time, Duncan Edwards’s story is one of tragic heroism. From a working class Dudley upbringing, Edwards rose to great heights at Manchester United. In only five years, he helped United to win two League Championships and to reach the semi-finals of the European Cup.
Edwards made his England debut in a game against Scotland at the age of 18 years and 183 days, becoming the youngest player for England since WW2 – a record which stood until Michael Owen’s debut over forty years later. He went on to play 18 games for his country, including all four of the qualifying matched for the 1958 World Cup, in which he was expected to be a key player.
Sir Bobby Charlton described him as ‘the only player that made me feel inferior’ and Terry Venables claimed that, had he lived, it would have been Edwards, not Bobby Moore, who would have lifted the World Cup as captain in 1966. Page-turning and poignant, author James Leighton tells a story of a magnificent sportsman and great man – the perfect antidote to the headline-grabbing footballers of today.
9781859838280Fred Keenor – The Man Who Never Gave Up
Fred Keenor, captain and talisman of Cardiff City and Wales during the 1920s, was the original football hard man, who had an unparalleled reputation for delivering violent, juggernaut challenges on the stars of the day.
However, far from just a brute he was also regarded as being one of the game’s great defenders, who captained his team to FA Cup triumph, as well within a whisker of winning the First Division title.
Incredibly, he did all this after being wounded while fighting in World War One, with many predicting he would never play again. Yet no matter the odds, in his playing career, or in his personal life, Fred Keenor never gave up. His story is one that still resonates today as an example of how dedication, and sheer will of character, can drag a team, a city and a country to glory, all while under the shadows of war and recession.
life-is-a-game-of-inchesLife Is A Game Of Inches – The Christian Roberts Story
Life is a Game of Inches is the rollercoaster account of Cardiff City, Exeter City, Bristol City and Swindon Town footballer Christian Roberts.
Amongst the glory of getting called up for Wales and delighting fans with his skills came the misery of alcohol addiction, gambling, losing a daughter and falling out with a succession of managers and players. Christian blows the lid off the sanctuary of the dressing room with tales of fighting, debauchery and drinking competitions. He also recalls the times he played whilst drunk and how on international duty Welsh manager, Mark Hughes, caught him legless behind a bar.
Having lost everything Christian moved back to the council estate where he grew up to face his new life single, jobless and broke. However, Christian did not lose heart and he threw himself into helping his community and working on the anti-racism campaign and is now happier than ever having left the bubble of living as a professional footballer.
MR-CARDIFF-CITY-FRONTMr. Cardiff City – the Autobiography of Phil ‘Joe’ Dwyer
No one has given more to Cardiff City than Phil Dwyer.
Born in Grangetown, in the heart of Cardiff, he went on to represent the club more times than anyone in its history. Noted for his never-say-die attitude it is little wonder that the Cardiff fans recently voted him their most popular player of all time.
In this fascinating book Dwyer traces his career with the Bluebirds form schoolboy hopeful to club captain and stalwart. Dwyer is a proud Welshman and nothing gave him more pleasure than the ten caps he won for Wales.
Dwyer treasures his relationship with the Cardiff fans, who he describes as the best in the world. They backed him from the start, appreciating that he gave his all every time he pulled on that famous blue jersey. It meant so much to him when the fans turned out in their droves for his testimonial match.
The high regard in which he was held by everyone in Cardiff made it very difficult for him to come to terms with leaving the club after more than a decade and a half of devoted service. After he retired from the game Dwyer joined South Wales police. Sadly, his career in the force was cut short due to a conviction for drunk driving, an out-of-character episode that left him mortified. Without sparing himself he tells the full story of that unfortunate incident.